Glioma Monocytes and Macrophages RNA Expression

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This online tool was developed to make mouse glioma monocyte and macrophage RNA sequencing data interactively available to anyone to explore. Cells were isolated from GL261 (GL261.GlucB.IRES.GFP.palmGFP) tumor bearing mice. In the blood two different populations of cells were isolated, being Ly6Clow patrolling and Ly6Chigh inflammatory monocytes. From the brain, monocytes and differentiated macrophages were isolated based on the expression of Ly6C, F4/80 and CCR2. To further seperate the populations, the uptake of GFP-positive extracellular vesicles (EVs) was used as an additional parameter. This separation makes it possible to pinpoint the monocytes and macrophage that are most actively associated with the tumor (EV-GFPpos ) and cells that did not take up tumor derived EVs (EV-GFPneg) cells.

Some example genes: P2ry12, Arg1, Nos2, Ccr2
Complete pathways to explore: Il4, Il10, Il6-Stat3, INFgamma, TGFbeta. Or check out the top 250 expressing genes for each population.
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In a similar method as the data presented in this resource, we have also harvested EV-GFPpos and EV-GFPneg tumor microglia in a mouse glioma model. This data can be explored at